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Nestlé Workers Worldwide Say: Stop Nespressure!

On February 25 the Nestle Ponda and Nestle Bicholim unions in Goa, India, held protest actions against trade union rights violations at Nestle Waters in Russia.

The unions, members of the IUF-affiliated Federation of All India Nestle Employees, condemned union-busting at Nestle Domodedovo and demanded the reinstatement of the union vice-chair Sergei Strykov.

Kraft on a Diet After the Cadbury Feast - How Many Union Jobs Lighter?

News Release
Kraft Foods Starts New Year 150 Million Pounds Lighter
NORTHFIELD, IL (January 27, 2010) – A few years ago, Kraft Foods decided to lose a lot of weight.

Urgent Action Nespressure Again at Nestlé Russia: Company Punishes Union Workers with Dismissal, Discrimination and Pay Cuts

Nestlé's Corporate Business Principles state that their business practices are "designed" to "establish a constructive dialogue with unions. In fact they have little choice - if they want to respect international Conventions and treaties which anchor this obligation in international human rights law.

Unions Call for Action on Iranian Workers at UN Human Rights Review

IUF staff joined demonstrators from international unions and human rights groups including Amnesty International outside the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on February 15 to demand that the situation of Iranian workers and their persecuted trade union leaders be placed  on the agenda of the 7th session of the UN rotational review of human rights.

Organizing, Precarious Work Priorities for IUF Coca-Cola Workers Alliance

The Coca-Cola Workers Alliance, which now includes 56 IUF unions with membership in Coca-Cola, was launched in 2008 to strengthen and reinforce members' organizing and bargaining power inside the company.

Strike Settlement at South African Coca-Cola Bottler/Talks Set on Contract Labour

A settlement agreement on February 9 has put an end to the 7-week strike by FAWU at ABI , an SAB-owned Coca-Cola bottler in South Africa. As part of the settlement, FAWU and ABI have agreed to enter into national-level talks no later than the end of March to discuss the use of labour brokers, agency workers and owner-operator drivers at the company.

New Campaign Publication from Europeans for Financial Reform

Europeans for Financial Reform, an initiative of Labour and Social Democratic MPs in the European Parliament, has produced a new brochure explaining their goals and legislative targets.

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