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Strike at Nestlé Tunisia after secret sale of ice cream factory

On 17 November 2009, workers at the Nestlé ice cream factory in Carthage were informed by a bulletin board notice that their factory had been sold to a consortium of local companies active in the food industry.

"In conformity with its policy of social responsibility," the notice read, "Nestlé has expended all efforts to preserve jobs, the rights of the workers concerned, and maintain the production site."

IUF joins the world's labour movement in mourning the death of Neil Kearney, ITGLWF General Secretary

Neil Kearney.The IUF was shocked to learn of the passing of Neil Kearney, the General Secretary of the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation (ITGLWF). Neil suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep on November 19 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Urgent Action UPDATE! Independent Sugar Union Leaders in Iran Now Behind Bars - Act Now!

The leaders of Iran's independent sugarworkers union are now in prison in the city of Dezful serving sentences for their trade union activity.

As UN World Summit on Food Security Meets, IUF Asks What about the Workers?

The number of hungry people on the planet is now officially estimated to exceed one billion, and the price of basic foodstuffs is predicted to remain high, volatile and susceptible to shocks. This is the background against which the United Nations' World Summit on Food Security is now taking place in Rome November 16-18.

Unite Demands Kraft Divulge Employment Implications of Potential Cadbury Takeover

As the battle for the financial spoils from a potential hostile takeover of UK-based Cadbury by Kraft Foods heats up, the IUF's UK affiliate Unite has called on Kraft to lay its plans on the table, and to offer clear guarantees on jobs and pensions.

Urgent Action Ethical? Tetley’s Tata Tea Starving Indian Tea Workers into Submission - they need your help

Tata, the transnational Indian conglomerate whose Tetley Group makes the world famous Tetley teas, has taken 6,500 people hostage through hunger. Click here to send a message to Tata/Tetley!

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