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Isn't this how we should all look at UK's PM Cameron?

Click on the title to see a candid photo as a PepsiCo worker in Scotland gives UK Prime Minister David Cameron the kind of incredulous look he and his like should be getting everywhere!

The Crisis of Capitalism "illustrated" in an innovative form

The IUF's Burcu Ayan passed this on. It's a fun though in fact rather serious description of what's behind another "Crisis of Capitalism". In words and graphics. Take a look if you have 10 minutes to spare.

Tesco calls South Korean government “red” – no really they did!

In an extraordinary yet revealing display of arrogance Tesco, the giant UK-based retailer, has recently shown what it thinks of local communities and the small retailers which so many of them depend on.

Blackstone’s Boss Stephen Schwarzman takes home USD213.5 million, not a bad 33% pay rise in these hard times!

Austerity is not on the minds of the super-rich. The announcement today that this private equity boss’s trough has grown by a third is yet another obscenity that should have us all on the streets and angry as hell.

PepsiCo's sick version of "Big Brother" - or how to get your fellow worker kicked out of the house!

In Sao Paulo, Brazil PepsiCo has introduced a perverse practice effectively running its workforce like a sick parody of the flagging TV show "Big Brother".

Public Private Partnerships - privatizing the ILO?

In March 2008 the ILO govering body decided to open the door to what are called "Public Private Partnerships" (PPP's). Quite why is not clear but presumably there was consensus that such things would be useful both in themselves and also for the ILO itself. Presumably it was also felt that they could do no harm.

Turkish unions - just competitive unionism or something else?

Last month global Unions Federations have just spent two days with affiliates in Istanbul talking about the major challenges facing Turkish workers and their unions. As ever many of the presentations were descriptive and a mixture of encouraging successes and challenging ongoing struggles. Struggles in the public sector have been going on for years and the brutality of the Turkish private sector employers are already well known.

China: ACFTU representing workers’ interests on ILO governing body – that cannot be serious!

In June 2011 the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) was elected by the ILO workers’ group to the ILO Governing Body.

Before taking up the issues arising from the presence of the ACFTU on the ILO Governing Body (on which it presumably now sits as a representative of workers' interests and defender of workers' rights), I have to reiterate my fundamental belief that any action that legitimates the ACFTU needs to be seriously questioned.

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