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Feature Unions take action in solidarity with peoples' resistance in Turkey

Following the call by the IUF and other international unions for support for the ongoing protests in Istanbul and throughout Turkey, there were numerous solidarity actions, demonstrations and marches starting from June 21 and 22 at and around Turkish embassies and consulates.

Urgent Action India: Stop PepsiCo's brutal attack on fundamental human rights!

Workers who are members of Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) at West Bengal warehouses exclusively contracted by PepsiCo are fighting for fairness and justice in the face of mass dismissals as a result of exercising their right to join a union. 162 workers out of 170 have been brutally fired.

ACT NOW - SEND A MESSAGE to the executives of PepsiCo

Algeria: catering workers resume work in exchange for negotiations but situation tense

The 1,200 striking catering workers employed by subcontractors to the state oil and gas company Sonatrach have started returning to work and negotiations are continuing. Nineteen elected worker representatives from among the three companies were informed on June 19 that they were dismissed as of June 13. However, on June 20, 3 days after the IUF launched its campaign, the companies agreed, for the first time during the conflict, to negotiate with the workers' representatives, but on condition that the workers halt their strike.

Editorial Financial Times investigation of Cadbury reveals complex layers of tax-avoidance-now it's time for a closer look at Mondelez and subsidizing debt

The UK Financial Times on June 21 reported on the results of an extensive investigation into the use of complex tax avoidance schemes by Cadbury prior to its 2010 takeover by the then Kraft Foods Inc., now the "global snacks powerhouse" Mondelez. The investigation uncovered a variety of schemes beyond the now familiar use of tax havens.

Urgent Action International action in solidarity with protests in Turkey

The IUF and other international unions are calling on all members and the wider labour movement to support the ongoing protests in Istanbul and throughout Turkey with actions, demonstrations and marches on June 21 and 22 at and around Turkish embassies and consulates. Thousands of activists and citizens have been injured and there at least 4 known deaths attributed to police violence. The government is escalating its brutal crackdown with new arrests.

Mondelez Pakistan worker dead following 24-hour shift, denial of medical benefits

A worker at the Mondelez factory in Hub, Baluchistan has died of injuries suffered while he was preparing to return home after having worked consecutive 12-hour shifts. Muhammad Zohaib, 19 years old, suffered fatal injuries while preparing to go home on June 5.

Urgent Action Accor, the company that can't keep an agreement, again violates worker rights - act now!

Can French-based hotel transnational Accor learn to respect trade union rights and the agreements it signs?

Click here to send a message to Accor!

Canada: Striking AB InBev workers in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador campaign for boycott against Labatt products

NAPE (Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees) Local 7004 in Newfoundland and Labrador is calling for a boycott of all Labatt beer products as a strike at its St. John's brewery drags on.

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