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Is McDonald’s New Zealand a tax cheat?

The New Zealand union Unite, which has been energetically organizing fast food workers, has weighed in on allegations of tax avoidance by McDonald's. By paying exorbitant trademark fees for the intellectual property of making a hamburger McDonald's is transferring income generated in New Zealand to the US parent while avoiding taxes in New Zealand.

This is not the first time McDonald's has been accused of cooking the books to avoid taxes.

Urgent Action Algerian catering workers in week 3 of strike – act now!

Some 1,200 subcontracted workers providing catering and other services to the Algerian state petrochemical giant Sonatrach are in the third week of their difficult strike and remain camped out in front of the company headquarters in Hassi R'mel.

Click here to send a message to the government of Algeria

End of conflict at Hotel Capitol Geneva

The mediation of Chambre des Relations Collectives de Travail (Chamber of collective labor relations) put an end to conflict at Hotel Capitole in Geneva as parties signed an agreement on May 31.

June 12: World Day Against Child Labour 2013 targets child domestic labour

The IUF today welcomed the launch of a campaign by the Global March Against Child Labour to eliminate child domestic labour and protect young domestic workers.

McDonald's International Day of Action

On June 6 McDonald's workers in over 30 countries took part in the International Day of Action in solidarity with immigrant workers at the company's restaurant in Pennsylvania USA protesting their working conditions.

McDonald's workers in Israel demand their rights

The largest youth employees' committee of Israel was established on June 3 and thousands of McDonald's employees have joined the "Histadrut Working and Studying Youth Union". Workers are now demanding a collective agreement, better wages and improved working conditions.

Editorial Deadly China poultry fire highlights need for independent trade unions

The IUF is saddened but not surprised at the deaths of 120 workers when a fire swept through the Baoyuanfeng poultry plant in northeast China on June 2. When the fire broke out there were 350 workers trapped in the processing facility and only one narrow exit.

Hospitality workers deserve a living wage

Members of the IUF's UK-affiliate Unite employed in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and contract catering protested in London yesterday on the occasion of the 2nd Hospitality and Tourism Summit. While industry leaders from many major hospitality sector companies attending the summit were calling for more recognition of an industry they say will create 300,000 new jobs by 2020, workers were asking - "What kind of jobs?"

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