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Workers’ Memorial Day, April 28, 2013: IUF calls for ban on killer pesticide paraquat

To mark Workers’ Memorial Day, the IUF is renewing its call for a global ban on paraquat, a highly hazardous herbicide, with no antidote, responsible for deaths and severe injuries to agricultural workers, farmers and rural communities worldwide.

First conference of EDLC commits to fight for independent unions and pledges support for Mondelez workers

The IUF was represented at the inaugural conference of the Egyptian Democratic Labour Congress (EDLC), 24-26 April 2013. The objectives of the EDLC are to win a new labour law that protects freedom of association and promotes collective bargaining, gain recognition of independent unions, fight corruption and improve the economic conditions of workers.

Accor's shareholders face workers protest

IUF-affiliated CFDT held a protest April, 25 in Paris outside the Accor annual shareholder meeting at the company's Novotel near the Eiffel Tower.

Jamaica Household Workers’ Association – Union at last !

After years of fighting for better treatment and equal rights, the Jamaica Household Workers’ Association (JHWA) was formally registered as a trade union on March 15.

Bolivia ratifies Convention on Domestic Workers

On April 16, Bolivia was the sixth country to ratify C189 following the ratifications of Uruguay (June 12, 2012), Philippines (September 05, 2012), Mauritius (September 13, 2012) Nicaragua (January 10, 2013), and Italy (January 22, 2013).

New CBA at Nestlé Panjang Indonesia

After a long and difficult struggle for basic rights - fought together with the entire IUF - the Nestlé Panjang Workers Union has now successfully negotiated a new CBA.

Agricultural workers win trade union rights in Pakistan

New labour laws passed by the Sindh provincial parliament on April 15 extend trade union rights to agricultural and fisheries workers for the first time in 60 years.

First independent catering union launched in Algeria

Workers from across Algeria employed in catering operations at the UK-based transnational Compass held their founding assembly in Algiers at the end of March and have now completed the formalities for official registration of their union.

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