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Nelson Mandela: Comrade and Brother

The IUF and its members around the world mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela, whose unbending struggle for freedom inspired millions around the world as well as in his own South Africa. To celebrate his life and achievements, and the achievements of those who fought with him and in solidarity with South Africa’s liberation struggle, we remember Mandela as the great unifier, a role in which he was unmatched, but also as a great fighter, unbowed during 27 years of confinement. We recall the crucial importance of the struggle for independent trade unions in South Africa and their transformative role in the fight for the freedom of an entire nation, as well as the role of the international labour movement in giving support to that struggle over many years, a struggle which we made our own.

Urgent Action Gate Gourmet workers fight to preserve their CBA

Salaries and working conditions for the 122 Gate Gourmet workers at Geneva Airport have been governed since 1997 by a CBA negotiated by their union, SSP, the Public Service Workers Union. Despite improving profits at Geneva Airport, the company proposed salary cuts and fewer benefits in collective bargaining in 2013.

Rally at Mondelez in Tunisia highlights continued harassment

Workers held a rally in front of the SOTUBI-Mondelez factory in Ben Arous, just south of Tunis, on 5 December 2013.

Cadbury 5 gain support in Switzerland

Three of the five trade union leaders abusively dismissed by Mondelez in Egypt were in Switzerland during the week of 18 November for a series of solidarity events.

Indonesia: union wins job guarantees at Bali Hyatt

After months of uncertainty and escalating protest actions members of the IUF-affiliated FSPM finally secured an agreement with Bali Hyatt that guarantees jobs during and after the hotel’s closure for renovation.

Women food workers' solidarity with struggle against disposable jobs at Mondelez Pakistan

Women members of the Pakistan Food Workers Federation organized a public show of support in Lahore on November 24 for the struggle for permanent jobs at the Mondelez Cadbury factory and have planned further public rallies by women workers. The Federation has pledged its full solidarity with the Mondelez workers and will step up its program of rolling national rallies in all big cities.

Urgent Action Frito-Lay's rights-busters on duty in India

Earlier this year 162 workers out of 170 employed in three warehouses exclusively contracted by PepsiCo in West Bengal organized a union and submitted their demands. They were harassed, assaulted by company goons and then brutally fired. In May 2013, they were allowed to return to work, but under conditions that strip them of their human rights.


Pennsylvania political representatives challenge Mondelez to public meeting on threatened Philadelphia biscuit plant

Pennsylvania Congressmen Brendan Boyle and Kevin Boyle have publicly called on Mondelez to meet with them together with workers and community representatives to discuss the future of the threatened Philadelphia biscuit factory. Workers at the factory were called to a surprise meeting on November 6 and essentially told to prepare for closure, with the loss of up to 375 jobs.

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