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When the All-Inclusive tourism model doesn't include worker rights

In March 2013 we reported the launch of a research project on all-Inclusive holidays (click here for more) to assess the impact of this model on local economies and employees' working conditions. While the research in still on-going, workers are experiencing the worst part of it: in El Salvador recently a receptionist who wanted to create a union with co-workers from different hotels has been intimidated and dismissed.

Unions research the massive growth of insecure work in Australia and NZ

A report compiled by New Zealand’s Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU) found that at least 30% of New Zealand’s workers – over 635,000 people – are in insecure work. 95,000 workers have no usual work time, 61,000 workers have no written employment agreement, 573,000 workers earn less than the living wage and almost a quarter of a million Kiwi workers say they have experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying at work.

Australian, New Zealand and North American dairy unions demand Trans-Pacific trade fairness

As broad opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement grows (read more about the TPPA here) IUF affiliates representing dairy workers in Australia, New Zealand and North America have jointly voiced serious concerns about dangers posed by the pending trade deal.

Accor Canada workers demand their rights!

Workers at Accor's Novotel Mississauga in Ontario, Canada are determined to have the collective agreement they thought would be theirs after the Ontario Labor Relations Board in September 2012 ordered Accor to immediately recognize UNITE HERE Local 75 and start contract negotiations.

Growing repression of independent unions in Algeria

The government of Algeria is increasingly clamping down on independent trade unions, according to a new Human Rights Watch report, through a combination of arrests and imprisonment, dismissals of public sector union activists and the increased use of bureaucratic and legal obstacles to forming unions and union federations.

Editorial Decent Work – not for one day only

On October 26-28, the International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN) will hold its first congress and move from a network to a formal international federation. One of the central issues on the congress agenda is organizing. The adoption of ILO Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers has been a tremendous stimulus for domestic workers to organize and fight for their rights.

UNITE HERE reaches National Agreement with Hyatt

At the beginning of July, IUF's North American affiliate UNITE HERE announced a national agreement with Hyatt that resolves longstanding disputes.Read the press release here

Urgent Action Mondelez Pakistan workers threatened, harassed and punished for demanding... the right to work for Mondelez!

Mondelez, the "global snacks powerhouse" carved out of the former Kraft Foods one year ago, is celebrating its first anniversary "with month-long festivities and volunteer activities for its 110,000 employees around the world" who are "taking time to give back to their communities". In Pakistan, however, management continues to threaten, penalize and harass the workers who make the company's products for demanding… the right to work for Mondelez. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO MONDELEZ.

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