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Urgent Action Colombia: Act now to protect union leaders

The IUF has issued an urgent call to the Colombian Government to take immediate action to ensure the safety of union and political leaders. The call comes after the IUF secretariat was informed of death threats being sent by telephone text messages to officials of the national confederation, CUT and the political party, Polo Democrático.

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Feature Anti-gay laws are a blow to workers' rights! Open letter of the Canadian union UNIFOR to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia is continuing the curtailment of democratic freedoms and attacks on workers' rights. Every step being taken reduces the space of personal and social freedom in the country, jeopardising not only the freedom of association, but often the personal safety of people.

Food safety and worker health and safety at serious risk in US poultry plants

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report critical of the USDA proposal to remove federal inspectors from the line at poultry processing plants and to double permissible line speeds to 175 birds per minute. GAO criticised the evaluation of the USDA pilot programme for using inaccurate data and failing to address the food safety risks. The USDA must also give serious attention to the OSH risks posed by increased line speeds before proceeding with its 'modernisation'programme.

Domestic Workers honoured at AFL-CIO Convention

At a ceremony on September 8, during the AFl-CIO Convention in Los Angeles, the International Domestic Workers’ Network, IDWN, received the 2013 Meany-Kirkland Human Rights Award. AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, paid a vibrant tribute to the IDWN for its inspiring and innovating efforts to get domestic workers organized and their rights recognized worldwide.

Editorial Colombian workers and farmers take on global neoliberalism

Free trade chickens have come home to roost in Colombia, where urban workers and trade unions are supporting the strike by hundreds of thousands of small farmers devastated by recent trade agreements with the US and other countries. The wave of strikes and demonstrations is not only the most significant social movement in decades in that country. It is currently the most broadly based challenge to the global neo-liberal project.

Executive Pay: IUF support for Switzerland's 1:12 Initiative

This coming November, the Swiss people will be called on to vote in a referendum aimed at enshrining fair remuneration in the Constitution.

Still fighting for reinstatement! Unfairly dismissed workers at PepsiCo India supplier refuse to surrender rights

Four months after their mass termination for joining a union at two warehouses operated for PepsiCo India by Radhakrishna Foodlands (RKFL) the majority of the 162 workers have been forced to return to work under conditions that strip them of their human rights.

TUC to act on unequal treatment of UK agency workers

An estimated one in six agency workers in the UK are paid up to GBP 135 weekly less than permanent workers performing the same job for the same company. Under the UK transposition of the EU Directive on temporary agency work, the loophole known as “Swedish derogation” allows employers to circumvent the equal pay requirement for agency workers after 12 weeks on the job by simply making them permanent employees of the ‘temporary’ agency.

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