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More sugar mill workers in India rally in support of Fiji strike

Unions at three sugar mills in the state of Maharashtra held protest actions in response to the threat by the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) to bring in workers from India to break the strike by the IUF-affiliated Fiji Sugar and General Workers' Union (FSGWU).

Mondelez squeezes suppliers by extending payment to 120 days - who's next?

As of July, major suppliers to Mondelez must wait a staggering 120 days for payment. An August 15 article in Fortune (A snack maker's unsavory business practices, available online to subscribers), calls the move "a  stunning example of one-upmanship."

Chicago: International delegation supports blacklisted UK unionists

In London contracting companies working for the major transport infrastructure project Crossrail have been caught blacklisting union members, effectively illegally denying them employment.

Hotel workers in India denounce repression in Fiji

The IUF-affiliated Hotel Employees Federation of India (HEFOI) held a demonstration in Delhi as part of the "Destination Fiji" campaign to restore democracy and worker's rights.

Sugar Workers in India denounce plans to send strike breakers to Fiji

Sugar workers in Karnataka and Maharashtra in India are holding rolling demonstrations to protest the announcement by the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) that sugar mill engineers will be brought to Fiji from India to break the strike by the IUF-affiliated Fiji Sugar and General Workers’ Union (FSGWU).

Domestic violence clause in AMWU agreement with Heinz

The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union [AMWU] has recently concluded a collective agreement with the transnational food company Heinz that includes a domestic violence clause.

German Food Workers fighting to end meat industry abuses

The German Food and Allied Workers Union NGG has long demanded a legal minimum wage of EUR 8.50 in its campaign to end wage dumping. Meat packing companies, in particular, exploit the absence of a legal minimum wage by hiring workers from eastern Europe through agencies which pay poverty wages. 

Russian sugar workers fight for their factory, wages and homes

With support from the IUF and sugar unions around the world, workers and their union at the Timashevsky sugar factory in Timashevsk, Russia are fighting against the closure and sale of their factory and for wages owed them since May.

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