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Bayer to stop endosulfan production in 2010

The AWTG has welcomed the news that Bayer, one of the world's largest chemical companies has agreed to stop production of endosulfan. Bayer’s decision comes after years of global campaigning against this persistent pesticide. An organochlorine, it is used both as pest control and a wood preservative. It has been linked to damage to kidneys, liver and developing foetus. 60 countries have so far banned its use. However, endosulfan remains widely used in cotton growing. India is the world’s largest consumer with the pesticide being produced by Hindustan Insecticides Ltd. The Australian Government has also resisted the ban and continues to authorise endosulfan's use on many crops, including tomatoes, citrus fruit and cotton.
At the IUF Asia/Pacific region workshop on agriculture (August 2009) it was agreed that the AWTG and affiliates would step up work in the region to push for a global ban on endosulfa

The AWTG globally will be working to support moves in the Stockholm Convention (on persistent organic pollutants) to get endosulfan banned.
A new publication from the Environmental Justice Foundation, End of the Road for Endosulfan – pushing global ban on a deadly pesticide provides excellent background information and suggestions for action at local and national level. It can be downloaded here:
http://www.ejfoundation.org/page97.html - other
or copies can be ordered from the AWTG coordinator.

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