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Franco-Egyptian Mondelez Union Solidarity

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FGA-CFDT union activists at Mondelez in France showed their support for and solidarity with Egyptian activists at Mondelez at a meeting in Paris on May 28.

Through their signatures on a union twinning agreement, the FGA-CFDT activists have pledged to do everything in their power to:

- Build a network of solidarity amongst activists at Cadbury/Mondelez in Egypt and France to strengthen rights.

- Strengthen the global solidarity network within the IUF to eliminate anti-union practices.

- Defend workers' rights by providing the necessary support to Egyptian activists for the defence of their rights.

From left to right: Hussain AHMAD and Nasr AWAD (Union of Cadbury Workers Alexandria), Hélène DEBORDE (FGA-CFDT international department), Fatima (interpreter), Olivier TONELLIER and Michael AMADIS (CFDT delegates at Mondelez France)

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