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Colombia: banana workers prepare for national strike

After two months of fruitless negotiations, SINTRAINAGRO, the IUF-affiliated agricultural workers union of Colombia, has announced that its members are ready to strike in response to a proposal from the employers to reduce wages by up to 43% and to cut social benefits.18,000 workers are expected to join the strike.

Franco-Egyptian Mondelez Union Solidarity

FGA-CFDT union activists at Mondelez in France showed their support for and solidarity with Egyptian activists at Mondelez at a meeting in Paris on May 28.

Feature Sacked Mondelez Egypt union leaders in Geneva meet with IUF, Swiss unions and international journalists

Two of the founding members of the independent union launched last year and then brutally repressed at the Mondelez Cadbury plant in Alexandria, Egypt travelled to Geneva for a special session of the IUF Executive Committee on May 30, where they described their experience in terms of the ongoing struggle for democratic and worker rights initiated by the overthrow of Mubarak.

Algerian catering workers commence hunger strike

Over 1100 catering workers employed by three companies have commenced a hunger strike at one of the largest gas fields in the world at Hassi R'Mel, Algeria. This latest action follows months of protests and strikes over the right to form unions and to bargain to improve salaries,shifts, conditions of work, housing and transportation.

Australia and NZ Food Unions Oppose Secret Trade and Investment Treaty

Australian and New Zealand unions have united to call on governments negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA - a free trade agreement for Asia Pacific) to protect the rights and living conditions of working families.

PepsiCo workers in India fighting for reinstatement denounce human rights violations

PepsiCo's aggressive union-busting at its Frito-Lays plant in West Bengal was brought to the attention of tens of thousands of Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket fans at Eden Garden Stadium on Sunday. PepsiCo, a major IPL sponsor, faces growing criticism for its role in the mass termination of workers in March and April.

IUF, US unions shake up Mondelez shareholders meeting with call to end human rights abuses

The IUF and US unions called on corporate management to rectify human rights abuses in dramatic interventions at the company's first-ever shareholder meeting near Chicago on May 21. Mondelez workers and union supporters rallied outside to emphasize their concerns.

Russia - Novorpof organizes migrant workers, wins back stolen wages

In Saint Petersburg, the IUF-affiliated Novoprof is successfully recruiting among the many migrant workers from Central Asia working in food, catering and cleaning. Vulnerable and easily exploited, often lacking proper documentation, the workers are easily prey to wage theft. Over the past 8 months, Novoprof has recruited hundreds of these migrants, helping them win more than 3 million roubles (USD 100.000) USD) of unpaid wages.

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