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Union network launched to tackle organizing, worker rights at PepsiCo

November 30/December 1, a core group of IUF affiliates met for a first global PepsiCo Unions strategy meeting.

PepsiCo acquires major Russian dairy and juice producer

December 2, PepsiCo announced another major acquisition in Russia – namely, dairy and juice producer Wimm-Bill-Dann (WBD).

PepsiCo is acquiring a 66% stake for 3,8 billion USD, subject to regulatory approval, and announced plans to buy the remaining stocks in the future, This follows the acquisition in 2008 of Lebedyansky, another major juice producer in the country.

Pepsico Moscow workers have organised into a union

On 8 September 2010, workers of one of the production sites of LLC PepsiCo Holdings in the town of Domodedovo, Moscow region, founded a trade union organization which joined the Agro-industrial workers’ trade union of Moscow and thus became an IUF affiliate.

Members of the trade union said it was management’s standard answer to any question related to labor issues or conditions of work that motivated them to organise – “If you do not like it – you can leave”! The workers are convinced: they have legal rights and those rights should be well defended.

South Africa: Simba workers hold General meeting, denounce labour brokers

Workers of Simba, a South African subsidiary of PepsiCo International producing chips and other snacks, meet at East Cape Training Centre's campus in Port Elizabeth on the 25th September 2010 for their annual general meeting.

130 delegates representing members from all corners of the Republic of South Africa, from Cape Town to Isando and from Pietermaritzburg to Pretoria converged, to assess the impact of the Union’s bargaining and organising strategies as well as its campaign work.

Honduras: In preparation to negotiations, dirty games by Cabcorp

IUF-affiliate STIBYS is in the process of preparing collective bargaining with the Pepsi bottler in Honduras, La Reyna (part of Guatemalan Cabcorp).

Polish Food workers discuss organising, casualisation

Food and beverage workers organised in Polish IUF-affiliate  Solidarnosc discussed organising strategies  May 26-28 in Lodz, Poland. Workers representatives from a number of TNCs and Polish owned companies including Frito-Lay (Pepsico), Coca-Cola, Bahlsen, Mars, Cadbury, and Odra developed communication and planning capacities to grow union strength.

In the discussions, the rampant casualisation of the workforce, in some cases up to 50% of the workforce, was identified as one of the main obstacles to building union strength and serious violation of workers right to organise.

April 28 - International Workers Memorial Day - Kenya sugar union - organising to make workplaces safer

Workers in the cane-based sugar sector in Kenya face substantial safety and health hazards. Companies historically have shown a lack of concern about occupational health and safety (OHS)  and this has been worsened by casualisation and outsourcing, which put a great proportion of the sugar labour force at risk.

Pepsi Simba shop stewards in South Africa discuss national recognition, casualisation

During a training workshop March 17-19, held by IUF and its affiliate FAWU in Johannesburg, South Africa, shop stewards from Pepsico Simba factories and sales & distribution locations discussed their future cooperation as well as questions of national recognition and the extent of the use of labour brokers workers in SIMBA operations.

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